Very easy to pump up, stay inflated, and comfy to sleep on all night!

- Andrew P. US

Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)
Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)

The Chumak

Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)

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✔️ Extra thick for cozy sleep all night

✔️ Protects from wet & cold conditions

✔️ Easy Inflation with built-in pump

✔️ Tear-resistant & puncture proof

✔️ Integrated pillow for more comfort

✔️ Connect together for family use


  • Next-to-skin comfort with ultra bounce
  • No pumping required with self-inflation
  • Portable & packed small for travel
  • Ergonomic design protects neck and head
  • Stay in place with non-slip underlining

Loved By Thousands Of Customers In The Wild...

The best ultralight sleeping pad for camping, comfy & convenient!

Catch Some Good Sleep On Your Adventure

Unroll, pump up, and your camping mattress is ready to use.

With a built-in pump, you can inflate the sleeping pad within minutes. Saving your breath after a long exhausting day. Deflation is also quick and easy so you can catch up with your journey.

"The pump is very easy to use with hand or foot, it's done in just 30 seconds." - Nelson C. US

Sleep soundly on the soft & airy pad all night long.

This ultra-thick pad will make sure you won’t bottom out. Together with the built-in pillow, the sleeping pad will lift you off any uneven ground, and guarantee you a comfortable night.

"Solid mat! I can roll on my side without touching the ground." - Grace W. AU

Built to be light for you to enjoy the outdoors with less stress.

The ultimate comfort weighs less than 2 pounds / 950g. There's no doubt that this lightweight sleeping pad will reduce your burden for any outdoor adventure. It can also be fully deflated for compact packing.

"Lightweight yet comfortable. Keeping everything easy while on the go!" - Harold L. UK

Never wake up to a lean flappy sleeping pad again.

Never let bad sleep ruin your camping trip. Made with Military-Grade Fabric and a reliable airtight valve, the pad is extremely resistant and won’t spring a leak. When it gets pumped up, it stays hold and firm all night long.

"I was surprised that it resists any terrain even with rocks. And it did not deflate overnight." - Marco N.

Outdoor-ready comfort for every trip, all year round.

This sleeping pad does a great job in maximizing comfort and minimizing heat loss. With an R-value of 4, it creates the perfect barrier between you and the cold hard ground. It will keep you warm all seasons.

"This is a perfect 4-season pad. It gives a good amount of padding, and will help keep you warm in colder weather." - Trevor S.

How is this sleeping pad better?

Very impressive! And it was incredibly comfortable to sleep on

- James R. US



Optional Double Pad

These sleeping pads are connectable by the snap buttons on both sides. Transfer it to a double bed in seconds.

Single Pad Only

Most sleeping pads are designed for one-man use. It's annoying to have the gap in between even putting 2 pads together.

Built-in Pump Inflation

The built-in pump can be inflated by foot or hand. It makes inflation and deflation quick and easy.

Mouth Blow Inflation

Blowing up the pad with your mouth after a long day could be tiring, and especially harder at elevation.

Integrated Pillow

Comes with an integrated pillow so that you can comfortably sleep on it, and carry one less item.

No Pillow

Some sleeping pads without a pillow will have to carry additional gear, which adds more weight to your trip.

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Weight: 2 lbs / 950 g
Dimensions: 74.8 x 26 x 3.9 " / 190 x 66 x 10 cm
Packed Size: 11 x 6 " / 29 x 15 cm
R-Value: 4
Sleeping Capacity: 1